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What Should You to Wear Thigh High Socks With

Thigh High Socks and Over the Knee Socks All Year Round

A trend to recently hit the college circuit are thigh high socks. Not only do they come in a variety of prints and colors but also provide warmth to those that wear them. There are rarely fashion items that work their way from young children to young adults but this is an exception.knee high sock

College Age Girls – How To Wear Over the Knee Socks

Walking to class is part of every college student’s day. The walk can be anywhere from five to twenty minutes depending on the location of a dorm room or close by apartment complex. The fall, winter, and early spring months are too chilly to wear anything but jeans or sweatpants, or so it was thought. College is all about finding one’s independence even down the way individual students dress. Thigh high socks allow for numerous new outfit options that would have been impractical due to the weather. Shorts and skirts are now available fashion items all year round and everyone can maintain their unique sense of style.

In schools upwards of 10,000 students it’s hard to stand out. Thigh high socks come in a variety of colors and prints so anyone who wants to be the center of attention can. What you wear says a lot about your personality. This does not mean that name brands make you important but the ability to coordinate and look great all year round means you’re a great problem solver with great attention to detail.

You can even wear over the knee socks with tights for a great look that’s warm and comfortable.

Combine over the knee socks with any outfit for a little added flair. This item is not only popular in the college circuit but also for school aged children and adults. The young adults enrolled in college are simply honest enough to admit they weren’t the trailblazers behind this fashion trend. It’s a great way to stay warm and look fashionable no matter what the weather may be. They are comfortable and add a little spark to any old outfit.

Thigh Socks for Adults and Teens

Not all thigh high socks are obscenely bright colors or outrageous prints. There are also socks designed to accentuate a more elegant and sophisticated look. It’s nice when a woman can grow older but still maintain one of her favorite fashion accessories. Thigh highs come in solid colors to match any outfit or modest prints to add a bit of fashion know-how without cluttering up an outfit. Keeping it simple and looking great shows how comfortable you feel in your own skin and how easy it is to maintain a stylish look no matter what your age.

Adding this accessory to any wardrobe allows for more outfit choices at the office. If it’s a little chilly outside or your boss is trying to save a little on the heating bill work can be unpleasant.

Knee Socks, Over the Knee Socks for Women

We should also mention knee socks. They are perfect for wearing with boots. Definitely get a few pairs for that. They are warmer than pantyhose and are easy to care for. Argyle knee socks are popular and there are many other styles and colors available as well.

Along with thigh highs, have some knee socks in your sock drawer for sure. One brand you may like are Smartwool socks. Once you do, you will wonder how you did without them.

Is It OK for Young Girls to Wear Thigh High Socks?

This will purely under your own discretion but thigh high socks do have a sexy kind of look to them, so you might want to think about that. Going with tights can be a good alternative and look fine on younger girls with no problem. It’s important to dress for your age.

Conclusion – Over the Knee Socks

Wearing over the knee socks will keep you warmer and happier during the long work day. Certainly you don’t need any more reason to be distressed or want the day to get over quicker while at work, there already are plenty of them.

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