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Colorful Thigh High Socks for Girls

If you love wearing trendy fashions, you probably have an assortment of fun styles of socks and stockings. One new trend for girls is wearing the thigh high socks with short skirts. These socks are made of the same soft knit material you find in ankle socks and knee high socks. They have a comfort band at the top to hold them in place so you don’t need to worry that your socks will fall down as you dance or move about. The best part about these socks is the assortment of colors and patterns they come in.

Colors and Patterns of Thigh High Socks

You will find them in several striped patterns that create a fun look to any outfit. The black and white striped style can be worn with a black miniskirt and knit top for an evening out clubbing or a friendly nighttime get together. Some variations on this will have the stockings in black and gray or black and red stripes. There are also a few styles that are basically all white except for the three black bands around the top. These socks are also often worn in combination with exercise outfits to create a unique look and make the outfit fun to wear.

The thigh high socks also come in a lot of solid colors such as purple, red, green and yellow. There are also some with variations on the black stripe pattern where the socks will be colored in blue with an accent white stripe on them. These socks are also popular to wear with short shorts for a casual daytime look. They work well with a pair of sneakers, cut off jean shorts and a funky tee, to create a look that is truly your own. These particular socks can also be paired with boots and a short skirt to create an edgy look to your outfit.

Thigh Highs For Halloween

The black striped styles could also be used as an accessory item for a Halloween costume. Black and orange would be the perfect type of sock to wear with a funky witch outfit. You could also choose the same color in a pair of knee high socks if you want.

Buy Over the Knee Socks

You will find these stockings generally made of cotton or a cotton/polyester blend. They are comfortable to wear and appropriate for girls from pre-teen age into their twenties. For young girls the sock gives them a way to create a fun fashion look, while the older girls can use it as a flirty accessory.

You will find all of these great colorful sock items available at most department stores and specialty clothing boutiques. There are also many styles available through various merchants online. They also make a great gift item for girls that enjoy wearing fun and trendy clothing accessories.

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