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The Most Popular Socks in Autumn

Socks are very important fashion items for women. Focus on the Benefits and Myths of mobile phones So what are the most popular socks in fall? This article will tell you the answers. The first one, the short cotton socks. Top 10 Latest Products for Women’s Day In the past, many people will make fun of those people who wear short cotton socks together with leather shoes from the bottom of my heart due to the funny look caused by this matching. Varied Ways to Keep 14500 cree flashlight However, this kind of match has become one of the hottest fashions which will attract many people’s attention. Because this short socks can not offer you the most beautiful and elegant appearance, they are also chased by many fans due to their … Read entire article »


The Celebrity Fashion About Shoes and socks

We all had a bit of a giggle when the socks and shoe trend hit the fashion world way back in the summer of 2009. However, it seems we were wrong to mock the look, which at the time was showcased by the likes of Burberry and Dior and shown off by celebrities including Chloe Sevigny because this trend has remained … Read entire article »

Simple Style No Grafting Baby Socks

Simple Style No Grafting Baby Socks

Another baby wave!  Lots of friends are having babies in the next several weeks, so every spare moment, it’s knitting, knitting, knitting (I’ve even been knitting in church on Sundays!  I actually absorb the sermon better – multitasking prevents the mind from wandering!)! My knitting tends to go in a seasonal rhythm – winter babies always get hats (usually a pixie … Read entire article »

How-To: Knit Duck Feet Baby Socks

These duck feet baby socks from Jeny Staiman over on are fantastically fun and whimsical. I love that they can serve the function of keeping baby’s feet warm while adding so much character and charm. RLI (Right Lifted Increase): Use the right needle to pick up the stitch below the next stitch on the left needle. Place it on the left … Read entire article »

Sassy Stockings

Designed by Rachel Russ and Colleen Powley Skip into a pattern that lets you indulge your personal spunk and spirit! Toe up or cuff down, stripes or solids, long or short, double points or circulars— you decide and make stockings as unique as you are! So satisfy your sock cravings: add some Sass to your needles! … Read entire article »

Two-For-One Socks

Designed by Colleen Powley Texture joins lace for a combo package deal that you won’t be able to resist. Stretchy, comfy, washable socks to lacy, fancy feet–either pair will give great sox appeal to everyone! (Contains two patterns) … Read entire article »

Popsicle Socks

Popsicle Socks

Designed by Susan B. Anderson Pull them up or scrunch them down. Knit cheerful stripes into this basic sock pattern with a slipped stitch heel. … Read entire article »

Free Pattern Ribbed Socks for Kids

Free Pattern Ribbed Socks for Kids

I am excited to offer you a new Spud & Chloë free pattern. This is a basic ribbed sock pattern using one skein of Fine, any color will work great. This pair is knit up in Clementine #7802. I used a set of four US size 2 double-pointed needles. The pattern is for kids 4-10 years-old. The ribbed fabric is clingy and … Read entire article »

Jelly Bean Baby Socks – The Best Baby Gift!

Do you ever find yourself in need of a baby gift without much time to make anything? I do! I decided to make up a pair of squishy, sweet baby socks for a situation just like this. In about the same time it would take to go shopping, pick out a gift and wrap it, you could make up this … Read entire article »

Things You Should know About Socks for Men

There are many reasons to buy socks for men because men, of course, need socks. Mostly it is to keep their feet warm, comfortable and dry. There are different types as well. Men socks come in road runner sport socks. These are great for the runners to keep their feet in good condition. Mens toe socks is another type. Some people think this is only for women but not so. These socks fit much better than ordinary socks. They reduce blisters, stay on the feet better than ordinary socks and keep your toesfree to move around. These socks are very good for the long distance runner. Knee socks for men are being used for fashion and health reasons. … Read entire article »